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The ethical partner of choice for many organisations that are looking to work with a socially conscious, sustainable and diverse thinking organisation.  We are a deliberately developmental organisation (DDO) and part of the global “declare” movement as one of the first consultancies to support sustainable and zero emissions.

hallenger – in the market questioning methodology, behaviours and modernising the PPM debate

nsightful – researching and delivering new business ideas and thinking

rusted partner continuing to work with client organisations, professional bodies and universities to evolve PPM

nnovative thinking ahead about future projects, supporting STEM initiatives and supporting social projects

Deliberately Developmental Organisation

Needs analysis

As a true learning consultancy, CITI ensure we gain a full review of the needs of our clients, their success criteria and measurement of that, along with understanding the desired benefits and outcomes of any intervention.  This helps create a mutual agreement and plan to ensure success, it also helps thinking through the problem in hand or the goal


Our capability assessments are based on knowledge, approach, skills and experience within change and projects. These benefit individuals to understand their own gaps in learning or experience and also identify specific strengths.  Organisations benefit as they can gauge any potential risk areas or identify talent in order to develop people, plan resources and bridge gaps within their communities.


The capability assessments also support organisations to compare their results with other competitors within their market. They are able to then use a data driven approach to plan resourcing or potential risk factors which can support decision making and development opportunities.


Our managing consultants are seasoned change mangers that have real-world knowledge and experience, they understand the challenges you face. We have developed them further with our own tried and tested approach supported by our Capability Assessments / Project Complexity Assessment Tool (PCAT) / Project Efficiency Frontier Assessment (PEFA) tools. These help us to understand complexity, prioritisation and capability.  They are best used with instruction and understanding at first and we are able to demonstrate the value and thinking they offer, and to move forward with confidence in your approach. 

Our development programmes

Qualifications & Accreditation

We have always supported the development of qualifications in change, project management and leadership and continues to do so.
Our aim is to support the development journey of candidates from foundation right up to chartered level, ensuring professionalism and contextual learning along the way. We deliver through blended means whereby CITI offer online, virtual, classroom based and a mix of the three to organisations and individuals
Accredited courses

Beyond method

Our own curriculum of Beyond Method courses are devised to support organisations and their people with specific topic areas, insights, tools and supplementary toolkits.
Blended learning through learning bytes, toolkits, soft skills to support the technical learning, leadership skills, assessment tools, coaching and more. Learning hub provides white papers, insights, articles, blogs to create ongoing, lifelong learning opportunities.
Beyond method courses

Leadership development

Change leaders, project leaders and sponsors are very much part of the senior leadership teams – often, they are experts within a particular field but happen to sponsor or lead programmes of change or projects
We have identified that there are often gaps in understanding specific project related vocabulary amongst leaders or how the sponsorship role differs from business as usual. We develop understanding on leading change, making decisions and provide project specific professional development
Leadership development

Coaching & mentoring

Senior leaders are supported by CITI with thinking through and communicating their change agendas.
We find this is particularly useful for leaders to access an executive coach who will support and understand the level of pressure, thinking through decision making and planning for change - having like-minded support in an often isolated field.
Coaching & Mentoring

Some of our partners

We have a core group of experts alongside a dedicated network of partners and associates that we work with to provide the best in class of learningdevelopmentcoaching and subject matter expertise as and when needed. Want to find out more – get in touch below?

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