APM Project Fundamentals Qualification – official APM examination


The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification and Examination (APM PFQ) is a qualification from the Association for Project Management (APM). It is designed for new project managers, team members or people who are interested in starting out in project management. It will introduce you to the fundamental principles, skills, methods, tools and behaviours of project management. It is a highly practical approach that can be applied to projects of any size.



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All material for this examination is provided online and it is one of the most effective and comprehensive ways to become APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (APMPFQ) accredited. This option is for the official APM examination only, please ensure that you have completed studies before purchasing the examination. Once purchased, we will require the date and time you would like to complete the examination – allowing 7 days’ notice to allow sufficient time to schedule a systems check.