Project Management 101

This section of learning is aimed at personal development and skills. All of these knowledge and skills based learning titles are to help you communicate, become more confident and support your development in Change and projects delivery. These are the foundation level byte sized learning sessions however, pertinent to all. All sessions will require some reflection, participation and embedding of techniques in the real world to ensure you and your organisation gain value from the learning intervention.

Raising awareness of projects, ideal for people who are taking their first step into projects and need to understand vocabulary, the fundamentals of what a project is and how it differs from business as usual.  At CITI we are constantly asked if there is something we can provide that enables people to gain the very basic understanding of projects…This option will achieve that goal. 

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • define what a project is
  • confidently talk about project management and use common vocabulary
  • ask questions regarding a project that you are a part of
  • participate in a project.

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