CITI is known traditionally for being a niche partner for project, programme, portfolio management consultancy and training. However, the story has evolved somewhat and where we continue to be thought leaders and experts within the change, PPM space, we are a newer, modern, dynamic version of our previous selves…as we all know, change is constant!

The digitalisation of the world meant that we began delivering our services via eLearning, through virtual classrooms and using self-serviced, curated content hubs a few years ago (pre-COVID19).  We then launched CITI Virtual Learning to efficiently manage the online and virtual learning demands from learners directly and to continue our digitalisation journey, however we were conscious that we didn’t want to commoditise our services nor lose our longstanding relationships with our clients. So we now have the best of both worlds for you to access expertise, assessments, qualifications, masterclasses, toolkits, consultancy, networks and so much more. 


We believe the greatest value CITI adds is the legacy of organisations being able to change themselvessafely.  CITI Virtual Learning is an ethical partner of choice built on authentic value systems, academic and real world experience over 35 years, combined with modern technology, diversity of thought, understanding of business problems and a consciousness of modern issues.


We support people and organisations with problem solving, strategy development, understanding risk, assessing talent and developing capability to enable realistic change to happen – from ideas stage right through to implementation and embedding change ensuring there is clear return on investment and success based on strategic outcomes.


Throughout our 35 years we have supported organisations with their technical and humanistic elements of change. We are involved in all areas of developing the community for change readiness and seeing it through. We are asked to support at any point during a change programme or to support develop robust communities that are enabled to lead the change agenda or manage programmes. We provide assessment, education, consulting, tools and coaching to support all aspects of change, leadership and projects.


We continue to support organisations, communities and people around the world through online or virtual delivery of learning and building virtual communities that support best practice and discuss new ideas.

We are passionate about all things change – be that you, your team, your organisation, strategy or the world at large. Some say ambitious and we say…why not? CITI Virtual learning takes care of the delivery of content and modality with CITI itself, the IP, consulting, academic research and excellence in Change, projects and leadership…a great combination to support your needs!

We have a core group of experts alongside a dedicated network of partners and associates that we work with to provide the best in class of learning, development, coaching and subject matter expertise as and when needed. Want to find out more – get in touch below?

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